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Our Story, God's Story: An Adventure in Prayer
A four-day vacation Bible school program that integrates "story-linking" and prayer practices. This program is easily adapted to small congregations with a wide range of ages.
Storyline Storylinking Learning Unit Idea
A learning unit idea for preteens and high school youth. Using Anne Streaty Wimberly's Storylinking method learners will gain a ‘big‐picture’ understanding of the New Testament Storyline and relate God’s Story to their Story.
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Welcome to the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America shared resources group at Feautor.org. Resources on this site have been created by individuals and congregations for your use. Most resources are available in a word processor file that can be edited, and as an Adobe Acrobat file that is ideal for printing. Freely sharing locally produced materials is practicing a 'Stewardship of Ideas.' Use these ideas, modify them for your purposes as allowed, share them with others, and in turn share some of your best ideas by uploading them here. Thanks for browsing and contributing.

While you are in the ELCA portion of Feautor, click the little people icon to the left to see more information about this group, tips for using the site, and instructions on how to contribute resources you have created. View a short video clip on how to contribute a resource: www.feautor.org/id/12155442903 Here's one with general tips on using this site: www.feautor.org/id/12180509478

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First Person Passion Narratives - St. Mark
Four first person stories/narratives according to St. Mark. Characters include: Woman who anointed Jesus, Peter, Pilate & Centurion
Sexuality Retreat for Middle or High School Age Youth
This is a 2-day retreat on the topic of Sexuality intended to be used for Middle or High School age youth.
The Shack Study
In depth study of the book "The Shack" with theological references and helps attached after the final lesson
Amazing Race-Bible Scavenger Hunt
This is a Bible verse scavenger hunt which requires participants to determine a key word common to a group of Bible verses which is a clue to various locations throughout the community. There are clues listed for twenty different locations in the city of Neenah, but they could be adapted for other locations.
Singing the Gospel of Mark
Music often tells stories that words along can't. Drawing upon hymns from Evangelical Lutheran Worship, one can sing the entire Gospel of Mark in 30 minutes. If you want to increase the impact of this experience, add another 30 minutes and read each of the portions of Mark, and then sing the hymns.
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