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The Glorius Impossible
A canata - a worhip service arrangement of songs, anthems and readings for Christmas.
Manger Scene: A Sunday School Gift
Each year, our education committee gave the Sunday School children a gift after the children's program. We had given all the usual gifts such as ornaments and candy bags. When Dave and Carolyn Sick joined our congregation, they brought with them a creative idea for gifts from their church in Iowa.
Christmas through the Century
Welcome to our "Christmas Through the Century" Program. We have an evening of memories planned for you. We hope that you enjoy our history lesson.
The Blue Christmas Service
God of compassion and love, we give you thanks and praise for the opportunity to share our sorrow and pain at a time when many are laughing and filled with great joy. Blue Christmas services acknowledge that Christmas can be a painful season for many and offers comfort and support in this time. Contributed by Pamela June Webb, Ecunet listserve
The Longest Night - Blue Christmas (Ray Beaver)
A worship service for the longest night of the year, known as Blue Christmas. A recognition service for those who may find Christmas a difficult season. By Ray Beaver
The Longest Night - Blue Christmas (Jim Taylor)
Christmas can be a painful time for some. It may be the first Christmas without a loved family member who has recently died; it may be a time that has always been difficult. Blue Christmas services are meant to be held on December 21st, the longest and darkest night of the year (in the Northern Hemisphere) This is a worship service, an explanation to presiders; a sample invitation is also included. By Jim Taylor
Cell Phone Christmas
Cell Phone Christmas - A multi-media childrens Christmas program written by Emily Demuth Ishida. How did they get the news out about Christ's birth before CNN and Cell Phone?
Sermon Luke 2:1-20 A-Z
This sermon, created by Pastor Eric Bakken, Evangelical Lutheran in Black River Falls, WI covers these verses of Luke alphabetically. Each of the 26 points contains words that reflect on the story that start with that letter only, in phrases and titles. From Adonai’s answer to Zacharias’ zeal - Zion.
Advent Chrismon Sermon
A service based on the Christmas Tree, the Chrismon decorations and the symbols they contain. Written by Rev. Dr. Loretta Kuse and Dr. Hildegard Kuse, St. Paul's Lutheran Church, Medford, WI. Included are the service and a bulletin containing explanations of the symbols used for the Chrismons.
The Righteous Railroad - A Christmas Program
This Christmas program focuses on a time machine (The Righteous Railroad) carrying our Sunday School kids through time to visit people from all over the world throughout history. Through their interaction with these various characters, we hope that they, and the audience, will come to appreciate all the different ways that we can show our love for Christ in everything we do.
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