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Tag: liturgy
Theological Bible Study on the Gospel of John: The importance of witnesses.
A Bible Study based on the Gospel of John that looks at those who witnessed the events and life of Jesus Christ. What did it mean to witness then and what does that mean for Christians today? The Bible Study consists of seven lessons, each started with a Lectio Divina prayer for the sake of establishing a Christ-centered, open, friendly, and productive learning space. Texts and questions are provided to guide the discussion.
Flood Litany
Flood Litany. Adapted from the Great Litany by Rev. David H. Carlson. Written after first week of flood fighting at Fort Ransom, ND Used at Sunday, March 29, 2009 Service.
All Saints Sunday Liturgy
All Saints' Day celebration has a long history in the worship life of the Christian Church. It began as a commemoration of the martyrs who had died for the faith, and it has since become a day when we honor and remember those who, in death, have joined the Church Triumphant, as well as the faithful saints of the present who serve Jesus Christ. Martin Luther held that all Christians are simultaneously sinner and saint--a sinner because of our rebellious nature, but a saint because of salvation in Jesus.
Liturgy for Leaving a Property
We gather here today to give thanks to God for (name of property), to remember what it has meant to us, and to pray for the (name) family who are leaving it.
Lutheran Worship Presentation
In many ways, we worship just like the early Christians did. We sing hymns, pray, and read the Bible, and tell the stories of Jesus. This connects us with all of the Christians who have gathered for 2000 years. Even Jesus sang hymns. We do not come to worship to be entertained, but rather to fully participate in praising God for all that we are and have.
Liturgy Study, Lutheran Book of Worship
Each Sunday congregations worship using our wonderful orders of worship. However, do we know why we do the things that we do in worship? Where did they come from? What are the Biblical roots of our liturgies? What do they have to say about how we live our lives once the hour service is over. This resource will help your congregation study how Lutheran's worship.
Liturgy, Scripture, and You
A four week liturgy for Introduction and Holy Communion.
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