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Tag: narrative
First Person Passion Narratives - St. Mark
Four first person stories/narratives according to St. Mark. Characters include: Woman who anointed Jesus, Peter, Pilate & Centurion
The Passion Story from the Gospel of Mark
Narrator: It was two days before the celebration of the Feast of the Passover in the city of Jerusalem. Jesus had been in the city with his disciples for some time. He openly spoke about the fact that he would have to suffer and die to save people from their sins. He also challenged the religious authorities by condemning their self-righteous attitudes. So the Chief Priest and religious leaders met to form a plan.
The Passion Story According to St. Matthew
NARRATOR: The mood of the people in the city of Jerusalem was one of celebration and excitement. It was the week of the Feast of the Passover, a Holy day that reminded all of Israel of the time when God saved them from slavery in Egypt.
The Passion Narrative of St. Luke
NARRATOR: It was a time of celebration in the city of Jerusalem. Thousands of pilgrims from across the world were gathering for the annual Feast of the Passover. This great feast remembered how God saved the people of Israel from slavery in Egypt. It was a time to remember how God's promise to be with his people always was alive and well.
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