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Tag: skit
Infancy Narrative according to Matthew
A four-part skit series based on Matthew 1 & 2, with two actors portraying Joseph and an angel. Appropriate for mid-week worship services during Advent, Year A.
Lenten Skit: A New Commandment, "Lenten Losers" or Burger to Bust"
This is a script for a Maundy Thursday skit.It is set after lunch during a middle school recess with three middle school students and Jesus as the characters. Lent, Skit, Youth
Martin Luther Comes to Hope Lutheran
SKIT PREPARATION for Reformation Sunday. I have discovered that students know or remember very little about this period of history, and often confuse Martin Luther with Dr. Martin Luther King. Be prepared to offer an informal sketch of Luther, prodding them with questions as you do so, to help students feel that they are helping you "write" the skit.
Martin Luther in 3-D
Welcome to our dramatization of Martin Luther in 3-D. This is more than a show for your entertainment. It is our hope that you will learn something about the founder of the Lutheran Church and the Father of the Reformation Movement of Western Christendom. Perhaps you will learn something for the first time.
Nicene Creed - Drama Skit
Narrator 1: Hi Kids. Today we are going to tell you about the Nicene Creed. First, what does the word "creed" mean? Heckler 1: 1 know, I know, it's when you learn to kawrite and karead. Narrator 1: Not exactly. A creed is a statement of our main beliefs. It is like our guidelines. Narrator 2: We have two creeds, the Apostles' Creed and the Nicene Creed.
No Walls... Instead Make Connections
script for introductory skit to introduce Global Connections Ministry at 2004 South-Central Synod assembly; part of the Bishop's report, Friday afternoon
Sunday School Rally Day Program
A drama based upon the parable of the sower. The play is called "A Dirty Story For Seedy People" and can be used during the Sunday School Rally Day Program
Christmas Eve Puppet Skit/Children's Sermon
Christmas Eve Puppet Skit/Children's Sermon; Based on the carol, The Friendly Beasts. From: Trinity Lutheran Church, Mount Joy, PA and the Lower Susquehanna Synod, Pennsylvania (717) 626-6212
A drama based on Mark 5:35, the story of Jesus calming the storm & the ELCA's 7 Faith Practices.
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