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Tag: stewardship
GSLC Financial Pledge Calculator
This is a word document with user instructions and a formatted MS Excel spread sheet which can be used to calculate a member's annual contribution, plus additional offering distributions. Stewardship, Pledges
IM Travelin Blurbs
This is a compilation of blurbs that can be put in bulletins and newsletters to promote stewardship over the summer for vacationers. I.M. Travelin is a fictional member of the congregation who sends postcards and notes to the congregation while on vacation. These blurbs serve as gentle reminders to not forget church during the summer months. Stewardship
Understanding and Developing Your Spiritual Gifts
This workbook was created as an outgrowth of discussion in the Evangelism Committee at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church on how best to acquaint members of the church with their spiritual gifts. There are a number of gift assessment inventories available to help people discover their spiritual gifts, but it was difficult to find material that would assist in understanding and developing the gift once it was revealed. The end product attempts to assist the reader to fully grasp the meaning of the gift, how it might be known, where it may be exercised, and ways in which it can be developed. There is also some “for reflection” narrative provided to aid the gift-bearer in the contemplation process. Included in this contribution is a PDF combining all files in to one PDF. Also, included are .ZIP files of of individual images .PDF, .RTF and .DOC files.
Shower Of Blessings
"What can we do to motivate members about their response to God's blessings?" This was the question that the Stewardship Board at Grace Lutheran Church, Eau Claire pondered. Included in this contribution is a PDF combining all files in to one PDF. Also, included are .ZIP files of of individual images .PDF, .RTF and .DOC files.
Memorial Gift Ideas
What is a special gift list? The items listed in this booklet are not included in the regular budget of the church or capital improvement plan. Therefore, the church is dependent upon special gifts to obtain most of the items.
College Scholarship Grant Program
The First Lutheran Foundation College Scholarship Grant Program, henceforth called "The Scholarship Grant Program," is established to promote the educational program stipulated by Mabel Otteson in her will providing financial aid to persons who are active members of First Lutheran Church, Eau Claire, Wisconsin, to encourage and foster their commitment to the Church and the community.
How Healthy is Your Endowment Fund?
For the record, HOW healthy is your congregation's endowment fund/foundation? Congregational endowment funds or foundations exist in a greater number of Wisconsin ELCA congregations than one would expect. However, the number of such funds or foundations that suffer from a lack of contributions is also greater than one would expect. The issues that need to be addressed in any given congregation in order to promote growth of an endowment are complex, and not easily placed in a one‑size fits all formula.
Endowment Fund Resolution
Christian stewardship involves the faithful management of all the gifts God has given to humankind. The Endowment Fund provides an opportunity for Christians to continue their stewardship beyond their own lifetimes. It also enables donors to support the mission outreach of our congregation is perpetuity. Brochures (front/back) included in pdf format.
Policies and Procedures for Gloria Dei Endowment Fund
The question raised in the SYNOD STAFF MEETING ON-LINE was this: As congregations 'close' they are required to make decisions regarding the disbursement of assets. On occasion I have read where this final decision has been made with considerable thought and inspiration, that has then resulted in the planting of seeds for or nurturing of ministry. I think it would be helpful if we could "lift up" these examples for the purpose of enlightening the members of these congregations as to the possibilities. The reply: One of our congregations closed a few years ago and set up an endowment in our synod that has been used extensively to help rostered people with sabbaticals and other continuing education expenses.
Church Trust
The Immanuel Evangelical Lutheran Church is called by God to be a living witness to God's love and concern for the world. God is the giver of all gifts and we who receive them are called to be good stewards of all that comes from God. We are not to hoard God's gifts and God's gifts are not intended to enrich the church, but to be used to do God's work in the world. When Jesus spoke of that work, he said: "… the blind receive their sight, the lame walk, the lepers are cleansed, the deaf hear, the dead are raised, the poor have good news brought to them." (Luke 7:22 NRSV)
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