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Introduction Lesson to Ash Wednesday for Youth
Introduction to Ash Wednesday Goal: To provide a basic idea and definition of what Ash Wednesday means to the Lutheran tradition as well as in a general sense to the world as a whole. Objectives: • Youth will participate in a small group setting where they will be share their current knowledge of Ash Wednesday and other terms or phrases that are related. • Youth will engage in a discussion on the results of the gathering common knowledge piece. • Youth will have the opportunity to listen and form for themselves a personal meaning and definition of Ash Wednesday. • Youth will decide on a 6-week commitment. Ash Wednesday, Lent, Youth
Easter Sunrise Passion Narrative
This is the opening for the Easter Sunrise 2009 service at Chetek Lutheran Church in Chetek, WI. The service was done by the high school youth group and was done as a clown service under the guidance of their Youth Director, Josh Toufar.
Lenten Skit: A New Commandment, "Lenten Losers" or Burger to Bust"
This is a script for a Maundy Thursday skit.It is set after lunch during a middle school recess with three middle school students and Jesus as the characters. Lent, Skit, Youth
Youth Bible Rap: Daniel 3
This rap was written and performed by David Backus (Abednego), Paul Buckingham (Meshach) and Logan Brown (Shadrach), 3 senior high youth from St. Luke Lutheran Church in Richmond, Virginia in 2006. The youth were excited to put their creative writing to the test by adapting the story of King Nebuccadnezzar from Daniel 3 into a rap, which they later performed live and via this video. They performed the rap for the congregation at our youth talent show as well as other Virginia Synod events. This was the original rap - but they went on to write and adapt other Bible stories as well. This is a fun and interactive way to get youth engaging in Scripture! Lyrics are attached in a word document.
Skit and Music for Camp Sunday
WHO: Children and adults, congregation. WHAT: Skit and music for camp Sunday. WHEN: Used in place of the sermon; held prior to Bible camp sessions. WHERE: In the sanctuary, in front if appropriate space WHY: To encourage participation in attending camp; to increase awareness of entire congregation about what camp is about; to show God's guidance in all we do; optional, to raise funds for camp scholarships. HOW: Information following...
First Communion Liturgy
This can be used as a tool for the First Communion Liturgy. Jesus Christ’s introduction of the Lord’s Supper is found in Matthew, Mark, Luke, and in Paul’s First Letter to the Corinthians. Jesus took bread and wine and presented it as his body and blood to his disciples. The Christian church continues this sacrament to this day. What benefit do we receive from such eating and drinking?
Peace in our Families
Here is an Order of Service that can help you create your own for Youth Sunday Service.
They Went Out and Got Into the Boat (Youth Sunday)
Our Lord invites to his table all who believe he is present in this meal to offer forgiveness and new life. When we commune, wine may be received from the common cup or from an individual glass by extending your hand. Grape juice is available by extending your left index finger. Return the glass to the trays at the end of the rail. For those who have difficulties in handling them, the glass may be left on the rail. Children are invited to the altar for a blessing.
Mentoring Program
You are beginning a confirmation process that will lean more heavily on your personal faith experience and your relationship with another Christian than it does on textbooks, classrooms and other traditional approaches to education.
Friends in Faith Projects
We hope that your preparations to celebrate once again the birth of the Christ child will include the gathering of your Friends in Faith small group. we will reviewe our own worship practices as Lutherans, and then invite you and your friend in faith to visit 2 other worship services: one Roman Catholic mass, and one other non-Lutheran service of your choice.
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